Magnetic Pulley

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Magnetic Pulley

Magnetic Pulley made by our organization are generally utilized as a part of the reusing business to particular ferrous from non-ferrous things. Changeless Magnetic Pulley are imperative attractive items which are utilized as head pulleys as a part of belt transports for expelling ferrous contaminants from material stream. Magnetic Pulley are perfect attractive items utilized as head pulleys as a part of belt transports. These pulleys offer unrivaled evacuation of ferrous sullying like nails, spikes, nuts, screws, jars, and wire from material transport with support free operation.

Whatever your application is, a magnet is a minimal effort approach to expel that undesirable ferrous metal from your waste stream. We deliver Magnetic Pulley in shifted sizes to meet necessities of most transport framework applications. Our attractive pulleys are utilized as a part of different applications like waste recuperation, encourage and grain, mining and reusing applications. The magnets are encased absolutely inside the stainless steel drum. These are introduced as head pulley in belt transport. The self-cleaning attractive pulleys are just as powerful in the partition of both vast and fine particles from non-ferrous material.